Friday, March 29, 2013

The Pulling of Cable Loop 20 kv (PT. Cikarang Listrindo - PT. Bumi Mulia)

PT Silkar National has been  completed the work of 20KV cable pulling from PT Cikarang Listrindo to PT Bumi Mulia. The  route of cable line across the rice fields, roads, and around the open yard of West Cikarang area . This project have been started in December 2012 and completed in the 25th of March 2013.

Cable Instalation

Scope of work includes the cable pulling in the ground (trenching and underground crossing) and overhead crossing into  the existing bridge-cable, excavation for cable lines, sand filling, brick layer installation, and tile safety installation , jointing cable with testing  and reinstatement work.

Cable Laydown1
The cable material have been supplied by  owner, and Silkar have  placed it in such manner in several places between the  join hole.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Training of P3K

The Firstly Handling  In Accident (P3K) is a major step in the handling of an accident that occurred during the company's operational activities, especially activities of the project.

In refer to  the importance of the P3K,  PT Silkar National have held a  training and deepening of P3K materials for each of its employees in September 2012, for a day at its headquarters in Jakarta. Trainees came from employees of project and employees of  headquarters  with a total of 25 persons. 


The training is provided by CMC Clinic under the guidance of Dr. Johansya Rusdi and a senior paramedic.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Road Widening Project Kasimbar–Tinombo (TA-2012)

PT. Silkar National has completed the work of road widening project in Central Sulawesi province, district Parigi - Moutong, in December 2012  along 2.3 km in a timely manner.


The project began in October 2012 from km 188 +500 - km 190 +850, with 6 m wide road design and road shoulder width of 2 m, and the technical specifications are as follows: The road foundation have composed of 10 cm thick of the compacted  grain material ,  and to be covered with the asphalt pavement with AC-WC 4 cm thick, AC-BC 6 cm  thick.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Silkar’s Participation in PLTU Lontar–Part II (Balance of Power Plant and Permanent Facilities Work)

Once the process of soil stabilization reached the requirement , the implementation of the pile driving started on all designated building  or foundations.
PT Silkar National on this stage, have been  performed the BOP (Balance of Power Plant) work  which is composed as follows: Administration Building, Maintenance  and Warehouse Building, Relay Room, Hydrogen Building,  Fire Fighting  Building,  Guard House (2 units)

Besides the BOP work, Silkar  implemented the construction of Mosque and  2,000 m of the permanent perimeter fence  as permanent facilities.

admin building
Administration Building

Administration Building has constructed of reinforced concrete structures with conventional skeletal system, consisting of 3 floors with spacious 2,800 m2.The floor coverings used ceramic tile and the external wall using plastered concrete hollow bricks and  interior walls used plastered  lightweight brick . The wall to be coated with protective emulsion paint .

The roof construction is a concrete slab which covered with waterproofing membrane and one layer of thermal insulation. In the upstairs open spaces, the roof covering is glass-reinforced steel frames. Framework of doors and windows using colored anodized aluminum.

maint storage
Maintenance and Warehouse Building

Maintenance and Warehouse Building is constructed of reinforced concrete structures with conventional skeletal system, consisting of 2 floors with spacious 1,500 m2.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Silkar participation ‘s in PLTU Lontar – Part I (Temporary Access Road and Temporary Facilities)

PT Silkar National have participated in the national implementation of 10,000 MW power plant is to participate in the construction of the PLTU 3 Banten, Lontar village.

Silkar’s participation  ranging from the preparation of the temporary access road to the project site until the construction of the BOP (Balanced of Power Plant) Works include permanent facilities, either as a subcontractor of the DEC directly or subcontractor of  DEC’s subcontractors. DEC is part of consortium main contractor of PLTU 3 Banten.

In  October 2007,   Silkar have mobilized the heavy equipment for the preparation of temporary road . The temporary road have width of the road 6 – 8m start from the local road point   to the designed point in project location, approximately along the 2.7 km. This road actually planned for the activity of pile loading test work.

 Scene of the original project location

To consider originally project location consisted of majority of fish pond, by draining , drying and using a combination of geotextile reinforcement layers and layers of woven bamboo, finally  the temporary road  formed and finished with a cover of crushed stone layer  in February 2008.

page access road
View of completed surface of temporary road and  insight views of the  completion stages.