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Cikarang Listrindo Phase VC - Combined Cycle Power Plant Project

PT Silkar National has been completed the construction of combined cycle power projects  which  owned by  PT. Cikarang Listrindo with a capacity of 360 MW. This plant used steam and gas as main sources and consists of one steam turbine engine, two gas turbine,  main building of power (steam turbine/control administration building) and other auxiliaries plants.Steam turbine engine will be combined with 2 gas turbine engines. One gas turbine to be included in the phase VB  which has been performed before package VC.

 Completed View of Project

Originally Scheme of Construction Period  is  550 calendar days.  This project started on the latest quarter year of 2008. Now this power plant have been operating.

Project Site Location at Complex of  PT. Cikarang Listrindo

Scope of work handled by PT. Silkar National  are from the soil investigation up to the  finishing  work (building and landscape).  In this case does not include the installation of mechanical plant and pipelines, as well as high-voltage electrical installations.
Detailed scope of work PT Silkar National described as follows: Site Survey and Soil Investigation, Bore Pile  and Mini Pile, Concrete Foundation, Steel Structure Work , Roof and wall cladding, Fire Detection and Protection  System, HVAC ( Heat Ventilation and Air Condition), Architectural Work, Plumbing, Earthing and lightning system, Low Voltage and Lighting, Telephone and Paging, Road, Storm drainage ditch, Landscape, Gravelling and Slope Protection, Warehouse.
In the following we shown the pictures of construction works which some in progress and some in completed condition.
Bore Pile and Pile Loading Test

Before  start the bore pile work, we  perform a static pile loading test as shown in above picture  . The concrete blocks have  arranged  like  a loading table was amounted 2 times of design working load ( 90 ton). In accordance with  the test result,  the design capacity of bore pile to be  reviewed included determination the depth of  bore pile. Pouring concrete into the bore hole by using  concrete    tremie pipe . A  nominal diameter of  bore pile size is 500 mm and to be filled with reinforced concrete K250.

 Gas Turbine  Generator and BOP Foundation
Re-bar placed in the set of  GTG block foundation.

Above picture shown that the work ready for GTG concrete pouring . The total concrete  of  GTG block  included BOP foundation approximately 700 m3 and reinforcing steel bar  around 65 ton.  The photo also  shown other BOP foundation which have been completed. More attention has to be  taken during construction is setting the anchorage of GTG engine in block engine.           

Cooling Tower 

Cooling Tower  has designed   to be use reinforced concrete structure  and combined with  precast concrete beam  arranged in the middle elevation. Height of  top roof is 15 meters. Structural system is open frame structure combined with reinforced concrete wall.   Total concrete volume is 3,120 m3 and reinforcing steel bar is 450  ton.

Base Slab  composed of  1,270 m3 concrete K300 and  180 ton reinforced steel bar .The above picture  has shown  progress of concrete pouring the bottom slab. There are use four concrete pump for delivery of fresh concrete from mixer truck. Process concrete pouring should not be stopped more than 20 minutes.

Left side picture shown the finishing of upper roof work include gantry rail beam, meanwhile the right picture shown the installation of water pipe from bottom to the roof on the both wall side.There two lines of gantry have installed for maintenance cooling vents on the roof slab.

HRSG   and  BOP Foundation

Total HRSG foundation are two unit same as amount of two unit of gas turbine which to be operated as one system of combined cycle power plant. The total concrete of grade K 300 for all foundation (included BOP foundation)  is 740 m3 and to be combined with reinforcement steel bar of  82  ton

The  more concentration to be taken when place the embedded part of equipment anchorage and setting of steel template coincide with the  arrangement  of fabricated reinforced steel bar as seen in the photos.


Steam Turbine  & Control Administration Building


Steam Turbine and Control Administration Building  is main building of this combined cycle power plant, because there are steam turbine generator laid down to be operating and process control of synchronized all auxiliaries plant and power generation plant.

The main building  has composed of steel structure frame,  reinforcing concrete floor combined with metal deck floor as composite flooring, steel grating plat form, brick wall included plastering and painting, roof and wall cladding cover. Total volume of steel structure approximately is 400 ton.

Besides Architectural work (Brick wall, Finishing work), we also supply and install   equipment of Heat Ventilation Air Condition  as seen in above picture. Air Outlet Vents have  installed on near to the top of roof . Air intake equipment have installed on the both side of steam turbine wall. Meanwhile Air Conditioning system have been applied in Control Administration Building, included Control Room.

Steam Turbine Engine Block 
Top View of Steam Turbine Engine Block
The Engine block (table)  placed at the center of steam turbine building, composed of  massive reinforced concrete  with concrete  of 540 m3 and reinforced steel bar  of  72 tons. In this case turbine engine block has poured after surround  steel structure of building  ready. Usually the engine block finished firstly.

The photos shown steel supporting formwork for engine table concrete . Pour concrete have taken almost 10 hours, and process overheat during massive concrete hardening to be monitored by a special tool which install embedded in concrete table.

Generator Transformer Foundation

Generator Transformer foundation composed of concrete and reinforced steel bar. The composition are concrete of 60 m3 and reinforce steel bar of 27 ton. Above photos shown the progress of concrete pour in fire wall as part of this foundation.
The foundation have installed the fire detection and  protection system. Also safety protection fence installed surround it. Fence used  galvanized wire mesh and to be strengthen by galvanized steel pipe 

Fire Detection and Protection  System

Above picture shown the test commissioning  of fire detection and protection system  on Generator Transformer. Supply and Installation of Hydrant pillars  and hydrant box  also include in our scope of work. 

150kv Switchyard foundation

This work included cable trenches and ducts, earthing, gravelling layer on the top surface. Ducting  under ground used PVC Pipe, and embedded in concrete. Cable trenches to be covered by precast concrete .

The picture above shown gravel layer covering all surface of switchyard area  except of cable trench.The installation of cabling and other equipment by others.

Road and Paving
IMG_8134asphalt paving

The asphalt road construction comprised of a minimum 40 mm thick asphalt wearing coarse on 50 mm asphalt base course on 400 mm thick well graded crushed  rock sub-base, well compacted in two layers. Other parts constructed  with 175 mm thick  reinforced concrete on minimum 250 mm thick well graded and well compacted crushed rock.

Miscellaneous Works

Miscellaneous works inside the power plant consist of pipe trench and duct, storm drainage ditch include precast concrete cover, slope protection in the behind of the back wall close to the existing river, pipe support slab foundation, backfilling and landscaping around outdoor auxiliaries foundations . Also there are two demin water tank foundation constructed besides of HRSG foundation

The left side photo shown storm drainage ditch  surround plant area to catch runoff water and dispose to the existing river where located in the behind of the backside wall . The right photo shown slope protection  which constructed in the behind of backside wall for anticipating the river embankment  collapsed.


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