Monday, October 1, 2012

Silkar participation ‘s in PLTU Lontar – Part I (Temporary Access Road and Temporary Facilities)

PT Silkar National have participated in the national implementation of 10,000 MW power plant is to participate in the construction of the PLTU 3 Banten, Lontar village.

Silkar’s participation  ranging from the preparation of the temporary access road to the project site until the construction of the BOP (Balanced of Power Plant) Works include permanent facilities, either as a subcontractor of the DEC directly or subcontractor of  DEC’s subcontractors. DEC is part of consortium main contractor of PLTU 3 Banten.

In  October 2007,   Silkar have mobilized the heavy equipment for the preparation of temporary road . The temporary road have width of the road 6 – 8m start from the local road point   to the designed point in project location, approximately along the 2.7 km. This road actually planned for the activity of pile loading test work.

 Scene of the original project location

To consider originally project location consisted of majority of fish pond, by draining , drying and using a combination of geotextile reinforcement layers and layers of woven bamboo, finally  the temporary road  formed and finished with a cover of crushed stone layer  in February 2008.

page access road
View of completed surface of temporary road and  insight views of the  completion stages.

The other Silkar’s  work are  to build temporary facilities for foreigner staff of DEC and SEPCO, which totally achieved 400 peoples. In this case, Silkar has got works from SEPCO, DEC’s subcontractor. The total area of this facilities is around 40,000 m2 are, divided in two area, one is for temporary living area and facilities, the other one is the temporary office complex and temporary storage area.

Complex Office I – DEC and SEPCO

Complex Office II – SEPCO & Others

The temporary living camp for DEC staff have been made from local material source and simple one story  building, meanwhile  the other temporary facilities have been constructed by the assembly  of the metal fabricated material which imported from China.

Dining Hall of SEPCO

Foundation have been composed by stone masonry and reinforced tie beam and the floor has made of unreinforced concrete slab. The erection work of all fabcricated panel have been done by Silkar.

Some blocks of Temporary Living  for SEPCO


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